Sometimes I show up in the oddest places

My post about poutine showed up in an archived web search (not sure what engine was used) someone did on Montreal. I don’t speak a word of French and while I have been to Montreal, it was only to visit some relatives who came over from what was then the USSR and so all I got to see was standard Russian Jewish people. As I recall, they were the ones who bought and served the poutine, and my recollection is that they asked my family to figure out what the big deal was. (My sister, anorexic as she was, probably ran screaming from the room, but I don’t remember that far back.)

There is a branch of the SCA in Saskatchewan (about which we will not speak), which I find only a little disturbing since I can’t imagine any season there where an outdoor event would be doable. Even more perplexing is that it is part of An Tir. (No wonder the Crown only shows up every once in a while at events here. Look at the ground they have to cover in just six short months!)(Will someone please explain to me why An Tir contains the entire Pacific Northwet EXCEPT Alaska which is somehow mysteriously part of West Kingdom along with California, Nevada, and presumably Hawaii as well as Japan and the rest of the Pacific Rim?????) Between you, me, and the lightpost, I think SCA draws its Kingdoms a trifle bigger than most people’s travel capabilities can handle.)

And lest I start doing a Mickey Rooney SCA piece, let’s get back to icons and Russian baking, shall we?


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  1. Nuala said

    Hi fellow Blood Ties fan,

    I’ve been getting a giggle or two from your posts – and your SCA comment caught my attention. I think I must live in one of the few SCA kingdoms that is reasonable in the travel requirements…unless you actually count the Moon & Antactica. But since we’ve never had an event there yet….Anyway, the Blood Ties drinking game is hilarious. And I was quite distressed to find out I am a Mayor… not really. Kyle/Henry is hot! I can’t wait for Sunday, but then I’ll be depressed because there won’t be anything to watch on Sunday nights…oh well, thanks for the giggles.

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