Things to do between, say, 8 and 10 PM on a Sunday night this season

By which I am of course referring to that last two hour interval before “Blood Ties” begins.

So here are some suggestions for other things to do to pass the time:

1. Read up on British history so you can debate the finer points of the historical Henry Fitzroy’s place in it.

2. Learn to sew historical costumes so you can dress like your favorite era that Henry would have lived through.

3. Make your own red wine.

4. Learn to stir a martini.

5. Learn to paint portraits in the Tudor style.

6. Read up on Canadian cuisine. (The next person who offers me something they think is poutine had best have a damned good idea what that word actually means because I’ve had some blessedly poor poutine in my life!)

7. Collect photographs of the Toronto skyline.

8. Watch “Iron Chef America.” Oh, wait, that’s just me.

9. Hunt all over the Internet for a picture of one of the stars that no one has seen so far.

And the last suggestion I have is

10. Read the books. Again if necessary. The Smoke books if you haven’t read them yet (that would be me…)

Yes, I’m insane, and I’m far from the most obsessed fan there is. Frankly, I spent the day climbing the side of a waterfall and it kicked my ass! Then I came home and am about to watch “Iron Chef America.” But, as said, that’s just me.



  1. teallaid said

    Hey ms. gypsy-

    Since you enjoyed Ida Cox “One Hour Mama” and seem to have a broad interest in the world at large, I thought you might enjoy an poetry allusion from a poetry book, I’ve had for several years, edited by Wendy Maltz called Passionate Hearts. I was rereading it and found a great poem that illustrated the whole sexual tension thing in Blood Ties between certain key characters. I’d didn’t want to put it on the Lifetimes Blood Ties blog as I thought too much literary stuff wouldn’t be that welcomed. So here it is and enjoy:


    I stood in the doorway
    for the longest time
    after you left
    looking at the night
    listening to the night
    feeling the cold
    against the warmth of my body
    feeling your touch
    ripening on my body

    It would have been too easy
    to welcome you inside me
    succumb to the rhythm
    of waves washing over me

    And as much as that would be
    it wouldn’t be enough

    I would never know
    was on the other side
    of your skin

    johanna rayl


    Take care-

  2. Anzia said

    I LOVE Iron Chef regardless of American edition or regular. I just don’t have the time to watch it. 🙂

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