Where you stand in Pervs-ville

One morning, a group of wild women on the LifetimeTV blog for “Blood Ties” started to compare their ages and they discovered a most peculiar thing. Many of them were over 30. Some were WAY over 30. And they all appreciated the cast’s … um … assets. [blush, stammer, blush, realize no one believes my stammers and blushes and give up on it] So one of their number, now known far and wide as prtfvr (a word we were later to learn referred to “parrot fever” and that leads to the tale of Baby Henry the cockatiel and I just told you that so I could get that phrase into this post) created a chart by which the wild women could figure out just how pervy they were. Herewith is prtvfr’s Pervs-ville chart:

  • Under 33 = Not Perv
  • Over 34 but not yet 40 = On the way to Pervs-ville
  • 40 and over = Not only are you in Pervs-ville but you’re the mayor.

Pervs-ville has a lot of Mayors. I’m the Governor of the state of Pervs. We have a President but she’s really more of a figurehead.

We are wild and wonderful women, that’s all I have to say.



  1. Anzia said

    I’m on the Town Council and I’m under 30! Yay ambition 😉

  2. Danielle said

    I am under 30. Does that make me a member of the Town Council?

  3. msgypsy said

    I think if you’re under 30 you can live in Pervs-ville but joining the Town Council would require something … creative … oh, but PLEASE don’t share the details in public.

    As my old friend Mike (short, pudgy, gay) used to say, “Thank you for sharing. Sharing time is now over. Please refrain from sharing.”

    Anyone who wants to be on the Town Council probably is already on it. LOL!

  4. Claire said

    I nominated myself CEO of The Virginia Chapter of Pervs-ville!! LOL!

  5. Arrowyn said

    I’m not sure what my “title” would be. Maybe the Governor or the President could decide — I can’t think about it. But I think it’s got to be something particularly “pervy”. *this is soooo difficult and embarrassing* I’m 64. All the usual disclaimers — I’ve never done this before; he’s young enough to be my…(never mind, I can’t go there); what am I thinking/feeling! (well, duh, we all know what I’m thinking/feeling!). *sigh* I’m going to crawl back under my pervy rock now. Be kind, please.

  6. Kady said

    I’m a card-carrying, charter member pervy. I’ve felt that way (and not given a damn about it because it’s just too much fun!) since I learned I’m twice Kyle’s age. It’s like the saying goes, “Honey, I may be old, but I ain’t dead!”

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