Welcome to the “Blood Ties” TV Series Drinking Game

Please note that I have absolutely NO permission to use the above image and I’m hoping that using it as the link back to LifetimeTV’s website will buy me some sympathy from them.

Once upon a time, on a LifetimeTV blog far, far away, a group of fans met in cyberspace to revel in their love (dare I say lust?) for a new TV series based on Tanya Huff’s books in the “Blood” series. (Also known to some of us who never knew it as the “Blood” series as the Vicki–or sometimes Victory–Nelson books…)

And one day some of those fans had a mutual fit of the sillies and decided that the series deserved its own drinking game, even before the tenth episode aired on American television (and long before it aired in its own native Canada.) By the time this game had started to take shape, they were all still sober but the Hunger (for a beer or sometimes for a nice merlot) was surely rising.

Anyone who wants to add anything to this game can email me at ms.gyspy@gmail.com and include the words BT Drinking Game in the subject line. I promise to give all suggestions careful consideration but I retain the right to eliminate anything that violates laws, copyrights, or anyone’s the personal space. And I reserve the right to change the drink descriptions if I think you’re just trying to get a bunch of weird, wild women plastered.

And now, without further ado (or adon’t if you’re in a negative frame of mind) is

The Blood Ties TV Series Drinking Game

Every time Henry tries to put a lighthearted move on Vicki, slam one.
Every time Vicki takes off her glasses, take one sip.
Every time Mike flirts with Vicki, slam one.
Every time Coreen mentions Dr. Sagara. take a shot
Every time Mike turns green with envy you have to have 2 shots.
Every time Henry goes vamp with black eyes and teeth take a sip

When Vicki touches Henry take a shot
When Henry touches Vicki take a sip.
When Kate hits on Mike take a shot. Two if he responds favorably.
Every time Henry says “I think you forget who/what I am”. Slammeramma!
Every time Vicki digs her heels in, one swig
Every time Vicki wears a ponytail, take a sip.
Every time Vicki alludes to Mike’s “prowess” at ANYTHING to Henry, that’s a slam. Yeah boy-eeee!
Every time Henry gets pissed at Vicki and walks away, slam
Every time Henry risks his butt for Vicki or on her behalf for anyone, take a sip.
Every time Mike’s hair poufs out for ANY reason, slam that hammer down!
Every time they speed up Kyle’s motions to show Henry’s vamp-speed, take two sips.
Anytime Henry noshes on a woman because he’s pissed off at Vicki, not just because he’s hungry, slam one
Anytime Coreen makes a sexual comment one swig
Every time Henry mentions dear “old” dad take a shot

Anytime Mike insults Dave, slam
Anytime Dave insults Mike regarding still crushing on Vicki, two swigs
Anytime anyone makes a donut/cop joke slam 2.
Every time Henry and Vicki share a soulful kiss, slam 2.
Every time Mike/Henry have their verbal banter take a sip.
Every time Vicki flicks out the ASP, take a shot.
Every time Vicki talks about ordering Chinese, one swig.
Every time Vicki whines about her vision (not when she’s just making a comment but like when she says, “Just like I’m fated to go blind”) one shot.
Every time Vicki pooh pooh’s her and Henry’s chances because she’s going blind and he’s a vampire, slam.
Every time Henry uses Vicki as an arm slurpie, slam.
Every time Vicki’s former job as a cop is alluded to, one shot.
Every time Vicki or Mike mentions Chinese food, one shot.
Every time Vicki/Henry makes mention of the demon tats or to them possibly “bringing hell to earth” swig 2.
Every time Henry says “we’re done here” (which is like once an episode) take two sips.




  1. Margaret said

    Well done! What a hoot…

  2. Christianna said

    Awesome! Can’t wait to play tonight….

  3. Claire said

    I think we need add..after last nights epi..
    Everytime Henry sniffs Vicki….slam as much as you want!! LOL!

  4. Tamaryn said

    Hi! I’ve left a post or two on the blood blog and I found my way to this cute drinking game. Fun. All the good shows have one. Next week, episode 12, I have a feeling everyone is going to be really, really drunk. Actually, you could get drunk on just the preview. (on the preview: two kisses with henry/vicki, tatoos, henry hitting on vicki twice, henry sacrificing himself for vicki (or being willing to)…)

    See you next week!

  5. Tamaryn said

    Okay. I have one to add now. Every time Henry says “we’re done here” (which is like once an episode) take two sips.

  6. msgypsy said

    Thanks, Tamryn. I added it. Good catch!

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